A House with a History

secondvine_frontAfter a fifteen month restoration project, the original Howard house, located at 288 SW 2nd Ave. in Ontario, Oregon, has recently become the home of Second and Vine Bistro.

Designed by architect Lawrence Brown, this home was built in 1934 for Aubrey and Hallie Howard. Both Aubrey and Hallie were employed in the apparel industry, working for Rainwater Jones at the Ontario Laundry, with Aubrey as a professional tailor and Hallie as a seamstress. Aubrey also was a tailor for Toggery Bill’s/Quisenberry’s until he retired.

Aubrey and Hallie also ran the Crystal Ballroom in Ontario and an outdoor dance pavilion at the Oregon Trail Park on Mortimer’s Island in Weiser. The Howards lived in their house from 1934 until 1965 when Aubrey passed away. Hallie remained in the house for another two years.

During their marriage, they had two children, Aubrey Jr., who died in 1931, and Evelyn. Evelyn, born in 1925, used the home as her studio for teaching music lessons and instructing aspiring musicians how to play the accordion.

While still in high school, Evelyn moved to San Francisco where she worked for a large bank. She then returned to Ontario to work as a civilian employee at Gowan Field in Boise during WWII. She eventually married Sid Goul of Weiser, Idaho in 1945. She and Sid lived in Weiser for a number of years and had three boys.

Rick, the oldest, lived in the house from 1989 until 1994, when he relocated his business to Weiser. Evelyn moved back into 288 SW 2nd in 1997 and lived in the home until 2003. The Howard house remained in the Goul family until it was purchased by the current owners in February 2015.

This house has had a rich history of over 82 years of family, friends and special events and memories. On behalf of the Howards and all of us who have been a part of the original Howard house, we would like to welcome you to the Second and Vine family.

We like to think that this unique house and the Second & Vine Bistro is more than just a place to visit. It is a community of people with an appreciation for things like friendship, loyalty, laughter and family, great wine, beer and quality food to share. You are now part of a family that genuinely appreciates having you as a member. Welcome to Second & Vine Bistro.

We are glad you are here.

Check Out Photos of the Home's Restoration

With a lot of TLC, Second and Vine staff, contractors, and volunteers restored the home to its former glory!